The following inscriptions include retitled classical works of art, flipped to read right to left instead of left to right. An exploration of Bitcoin as a medium for creative writing—each piece is accompanied by a personal vignette, inscribed into the metadata of its accompanying image.

The collection satisfies the strongest form of provenance possible on Bitcoin, inscribed by Ordinally using child-parent (genetic) provenance standards and other methods inextricably linking these pieces together. The parent inscription associated with this collection has been burned - ensuring no additional Satoshis can be inscribed within this collection.

The pieces below are marked by negative inscription numbers which will change over time per Ord's specifications. To view this collection on-chain, the transaction ID for its collection inscription is:


Cafe Terrace at Night | Vincent Van Gogh

I met Casey at a bitcoin meetup in December 2021. He chatted to a group of four or five of us about how you could theoretically put “NFTs on Bitcoin.” He talked about it nonchalantly—a casual ideation he was batting around in his spare time. I didn’t pay much attention.

Cafe Terrace at Night | Vincent Van Gogh | -77086
American Gothic | Grant Wood

Since our country’s founding, each subsequent American generation has seen a relative increase in quality of life, purchasing power, and overall acquisition of goods and services—until now. Despite increased productivity and technical innovation, Millenials will be the first American generation to end up, on average, less wealthy than their parents.

American Gothic | Grant Wood | -77087 | Collected by Fomojis co-founder SanjFomojis
Liberty Leading the People | Eugène Delacroix

“The mere fact something is a possible use case for bitcoin does not necessarily mean it is a net good for the users of the system. And yet Bitcoin is a system of rules, not biases, and the arbiter of validity must remain the code.” - Mark Goodwin, Bitcoin Magazine ‘23

Liberty Leading the People | Eugène Delacroix | -77088 | Collected by Bitcoin Magazine CEO David Bailey
Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow | Piet Mondrian

Why does an artist’s work become more valuable posthumously? Because death ensures a fixed supply. Collectibles are, essentially, a sound money play. There will only ever be 100 Rocks, 1 Genesis Inscription, and 1 Starry Night. Excluding Bitcoin, the traditional fine art market was the single best performing asset class in 2020.

Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow | Piet Mondrian | -77089 | Collected by Fomojis community lead itsdonnyok
Inscription #1 | Rijndael

Casey once said to me, “the TTP on Ordinals is embarrassing.” It took a full 48 hours post-gen for the first penis to be inked onto the network. Serious tech platforms get penis’d within hours or minutes. To be fair, mainnet inscriptions weren’t technically available for public use at the time. Rijndael hacked the code to get it done.

Inscription #1 | Rijndael | -77090 | Collected by Ordinals core contributor NuroPunk_
The Forest in Winter at Sunset | Théodore Rousseau

We will all be tested by the leverage wipe out of Kali. Or a crypto-colonial winter. Or the struggle to finish a project we love. Sometimes the forest must burn down to make way for new growth. The ashes of forest fires make the best fertilizer.

The Forest in Winter at Sunset | Théodore Rousseau | 21230110 | This piece is not for sale
One: Number 31, 1950 | Jackson Pollock

Bitcoin doesn’t care if you borrowed to buy the top—or what your chart says or what Michael Saylor thinks. It doesn’t care what else you own or if you use a hot wallet—or if you’re vaxxed or Russian or like NFTs. Bitcoin will do what it wants. We’re all equally humbled before Them.

One: Number 31, 1950 | Jackson Pollock | -77092 | Collected by Ordinals collector Brissi
White Squad V | Leon Golub

This painting depicts a right-wing paramilitary officer abusing a civilian during the Salvadoran civil war. While Bukele’s right wing capitalist position makes him a champion of economic freedom today, it wasn’t long ago that ‘capitalist’ leaders of El Salvador - largely funded by the US - inflicted widespread violence to maintain control over citizens. The state will be the state will be the state.

White Squad V | Leon Golub | -77093 | Collected by Unbroken Chain Fund
The Veteran in a New Field | Winslow Homer

The moment we feel like we’ve won, we’re vulnerable—to the attacks of others, to falling off the pedestal, to the volatility of life’s seasons and cycles. Humility is the practice of not losing your wits about you—a spiritual practice for those who know number always go up and go down.

The Veteran in a New Field | Winslow Homer | -77094 | Collected by Proper, founder of
The Flower Thrower | Banksy

Bitcoin is the first resource distribution system in history that doesn’t require a base-layer threat of violence to enforce itself. Bitcoin represents the ability to “war” without bloodshed, to govern without governments, and to hold agreements without physical discipline. May we live in a world where electricity replaces gun powder as the primary projection of power. May we embrace bitcoin’s softness as much as its hardness.

The Flower Thrower | Banksy | -77096 | Collected by Ordinals collector Mksala
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte | Georges Seurat

Gradually, then suddenly. Proof of work takes its time. We can try to cut corners, push limits, or play with the fire—but the slowest burn is the least destructive. Head down and keep going. Those who wait are rewarded.

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte | Georges Seurat | -77097 | This piece has been collected by Swagt0shi
Inscription 34 | Bitcoin Shrooms

“They pulled out his teeth one by one until he gave up his private keys.” Despite what Elizabeth Warren says, tax evasion is not the reason we go ‘nym. Privacy is the foundation of security and safety. When privacy is threatened, disrespected or belittled—we are, by definition, exposed—with nothing left but brute force to protect us.

Inscription 34 | Bitcoin Shrooms | -77095 | This piece has been gifted to a pseudonymous builder
Water Lilies | Claude Monet

Many influences were referenced, but there’s something special about Pepe. Five of the first thirteen Ordinals inscribed were Pepe abstracts. Counterparty oozes from the expressions of early inscribors. This iconic, albeit mysterious, group of technicians clearly had a thing for frogs. Or maybe it was just Rocktoshi.

Water Lilies | Claude Monet | -77098 | Collected by the founders of InscribedPepes
Bal du moulin de la Galette | Pierre-Auguste Renoir

I met Ordinally at a conference last summer in Austin. A couple hours later, we walked into an after party and I introduced him to Casey. “What do you think about Bitcoin NFTs?” Bit. Block. Boom.

Bal du moulin de la Galette | Pierre-Auguste Renoir | -77099 | This piece has been gifted to Ordinals core developer Ordinally
Mona Lisa | Leonardo Da Vinci

Stay focused. Ordinals was designed to serve Bitcoin after all. May our technical experiments be guided by purpose. May we build with a mission beyond our self-interest. May we never lose sight of the forest through the trees. Those who solve real problems win.

Mona Lisa | Leonardo Da Vinci | -77100
The Raft of the Medusa | Théodore Géricault

The real test of strength and skill is not knowing when to buy, but buying things we’re willing to hold on to when the winds turn. Adopt a core thesis and stay disciplined. Live by your principles when they become inconvenient.

The Raft of the Medusa | Théodore Géricault | -77101 | Collected by Beezy, Ordinals editor at Galaxy Research
Genesis Inscription | Casey Rodarmor

December 14th 2022. Dia de los muertos calavera. Born a sagittarius, a radical, and an ambigram. Your love letter to Bitcoin will go down in history as one of the greatest art projects of all time. Forever in your debt—you have shown us all the power of creating for love’s sake over all.

Genesis Inscription | Casey Rodarmor | -77102 | This piece has been gifted to the creator of Ordinals
Napoleon Crossing the Alps | Jacques-Louis David

Rocktoshi’s response to this piece was, “but Napoleon wasn’t a hero.” Exactly. A propagandized glamor shot of a state leader should always warrant suspicion. Big or small, heroes always have a shadow ... even the “good ones” fall off their horse from time to time.

Napoleon Crossing the Alps | Jacques-Louis David | -77103 | Collected by Eclipse co-founder CrownJewel
David | Michelangelo

You keep Rocktoshi on his toes. “Who is Jally?” became a meme... until we checked the change addresses and confirmed you have a predilection for mushrooms. I don’t want to know more—I pray you stay a mystery forever. Thanks for your relentless sense of humor—for making us laugh with nothing but your JPEGs.

David | Michelangelo | -77104 | Collected by Sqordinals founder Brennen_eth
Inscription 4 | RaphJaph

Soft-spoken agent, it’s your time to shine. Like father, like son—you’re an ambigram rhyme. But don’t be fooled, you are your own light. There’s something you do that others just fight. You bring both winds of peace and swiftness of sword—aren’t we all lucky to have you on board.

Inscription 4 | RaphJaph | -77105 | This piece has been gifted to the lead maintainer of the Ordinals Project
Poker Game | Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Good strategy is about understanding humans first and foremost. Follow the incentives. They may not be what you think. They can try to stop us, but they’ll be fighting human nature—and the drive for something other than money: that thing is love.

Poker Game | Cassius Marcellus Coolidge | -77106 | Collected by Luxor CEO Nick Hansen
Inscription 71 | Rocktoshi
Inscription 71 | Rocktoshi | -77107 | This piece has been gifted to Wild Man








Isabel Foxen Duke is a bitcoin maximalist. She managed communications for Casey Rodarmor and the Ordinals team from February-May 2023—and had the time of her life. After watching Ordinals change the world and lives of everyone around her, she aspires to make art on Bitcoin for years to come. Pending transaction fees.

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